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Kick Start Scheme for Churches

Many frustrated pastors and church leaders often find themselves taking on the administrative side of church and ministry life because they feel that they do not have enough time and resources to employ an administrator(s), until they realise that there is a better way.

JWB Virtual Ministry Assistance Kick Start Scheme for Churches gives church leaders the opportunity to acquire an administrator for their church for 25 hours a week for 6 months.

The administrator’s income for that time will be paid for by the Government’s kick start scheme.


JWB will do the following for you so that you will not need to spend additional resources or time on recruiting an administrator:

  • Administer the kick start scheme on your behalf 
  • Administer the whole recruitment process (applications / interviews / selection)  
  • Handle all of Payroll 
  • Provide the essential employability training needed to align with the scheme's funding requirements








Enter your details in the 'Get Started' tab to request further guidelines

and the application form to be considered for the Kick Start Scheme