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About Me

Jacinta Buckle

Hello, my name is Jacinta, and I’m the founder of JWB Virtual Ministry Assistance. I live in Essex, UK, with my husband, and my two children.

Having worked in the public sector all my life, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business as a virtual assistant in order to have some autonomy over my work and also to have a passion for the work that I was doing.

I have a love for planning and organising things whether at home or at work. I find great joy in meticulously planning something, organising it with clarity and conciseness, and ensuring that it results in a good thing. I also have a great love for God and all that he stands for. So, I decided to put these two loves together to help Christian Churches and organisations.

I feel incredibly blessed that God has called me to help churches and Christian organisations to manage the administrative side of things which at times can be forgotten, as quite rightly, there are more important things that need to be done. Unfortunately, this can at times affect the Church or organisation.

I have extensive administrative support experience (over 15 years) at a high level, working mainly with consultants or Deans within the National Health Service, and more recently, with lecturers within the Education sector. I pride myself on excelling at any task and having the ability to wear many hats at one time. I have great attention to detail in all that I do and will always go the extra mile to support your work.

My goal is to work with Churches and Christian organisations to deliver high quality administrative support. You will have an enthusiastic, well-organised, meticulous, hardworking and reliable assistant to remotely be on hand to support your organisation or business so that you can focus on all the things that you are called to do.

So, call me to today to see how I can help and support you in doing God’s work.