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Jan 12, 2021 |
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What Do Virtual Assistant's Do Anyway?

Do you often hear the title of 'Virtual Assistant' and wonder what VA’s actually do?

What Do Virtual Assistant's Do Anyway?

In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of what the Virtual Assistant job entails.

A VA is often hired by a business or organisation (in JWB's case, a church or ministry) almost like an extra pair of hands without actually being employed by that organisation or being on their payroll.

VA’s work remotely, hence the term ‘virtual’. We can work anywhere in the world, have multiple clients and can be hired for a variety of tasks for an organisation or business.

A VA is a great choice for a small business or organisation who do not have the budget for a permanent and full time member of staff or do not have office space to host an assistant or administrator.

VAs come in different forms. They can help specifically with IT, Marketing, Sales, or can be very resourceful and can do a whole hosts of day-to-day tasks from social media management to booking business trips for the director. They can be integrated with your team, or work individually and even as your personal assistant.

VAs tend not to take on entire functions of your business, but are more likely to own a specific process in your organisation. Many VAs offer general administrative duties in niche areas along with specialist skills such as social media management, HR or bookkeeping.

As self employed professionals themselves VAs do understand how difficult it is to relinquish control of some parts of your business or organisation, but hiring a VA is a great way of developing your managing and delegation and leadership skills.

Hope this summary of the virtual assistant role has helped to give a better understanding of what we do.