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Dec 3, 2018 |
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Is Your Church Administrator Overworked?

1.)    Is your administrator overwhelmed with their workload?

2.)    Do you find that you as the Church leader needs to chip in, to get things done on time?

3.)    Your administrator just doesn’t have enough hours in the day to complete tasks given to them

4.)    Your administrator becomes stressed and unhappy

5.)    There is a high turnover of your administrators

Is Your Church Administrator Overworked?

Are you a Priest / Reverend / Pastor / Church Leader who has a wonderful administrator but feel that he or she is completely overworked?

Or are you a Church administrator yourself and find that sometimes you could do with just some additional help through a season or event!

You may answer yes to one or all the above signs that your current administrator may be overworked. In many Churches, it does come down to cost. We are all aware that many Churches may not have the funds or resources to employ an additional administrator.


The Benefits of a Virtual Ministry Assistant

This is where a virtual ministry assistant could be of great help.

With a virtual assistant, the Church would not need to employ another member of staff and pay a monthly income. This is because virtual assistants are self-employed. The added advantage to this would mean that you would not need to pay for annual leave / maternity leave, or sick leave. Furthermore, you would not need office space or office resources like a computer or a phone.

With a virtual assistant, you only hire them as and when you need their support.

In addition, the Church would save money as they would not need to spend on recruitment, on office resources, or on time when an administrator is not required, the quiet times in the office.

I do understand the need to have a physical administrator present, but just consider that there could possibly be another way. If you are the type of Church that feels that it is necessary to have a physical person present, then perhaps there could be two roles; a secretary, and a virtual assistant. I know that this seems to defeat the benefits of not needing an office and saving money etc. but perhaps the physical secretary’s role cold be greatly lessened to save money on a monthly income.

I’m not at all suggesting that you cut your current administrator’s hours. This is only a suggestion for those who do not currently have an administrator and are looking for a more cost-effective administrative system. So, when you are next recruiting, perhaps think about this new way of working and how it could really benefit your Church.


So How Would It Work?

You may then ask, so how would it work?

Well, with a physical administrator / secretary, and a virtual assistant, you would have a massive advantage in your Church.

You have an administrator in the Church office who can deal with meeting and greeting Church members or anyone who visits the Church, booking hall appointments, dealing with visitors, taking in orders that arrive at the Church, attending meetings and physical events.

Then you have your virtual assistant who can deal with things like booking travel arrangements, scheduling and confirming appointments, making calls on your behalf, performing miscellaneous research, filling out forms, dealing with your finances, creating databases, creating newsletters, creating agendas, creating invoices and posting payments. The list is endless……

Also, don’t forget, there are many virtual assistants who are willing and happy to spend a few hours a week present in a location if this is agreed by both parties.


So, to conclude, if you already have an administrator that is overworked, do look in to hiring a virtual assistant just to help your administrator to catch up on work load, or just to help through a particularly busy period. Surely, it’s better to invest in a virtual assistant for a few hours a month for a month or two, than to have to pay for sick leave from a stressed out administrator, or having to pay more for recruitment when an administrator leaves. Don’t forget also, the well-being of your staff and the importance of keeping them happy.

If you don’t already have an administrator, then do look int this new way of working and see how it can really benefit your Church in many ways.